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We live by stories passed on for generations about who we are
and where we should be going. But these stories don't always let us live our best lives, because they aren't our personal legends.

Living from the Heart is about discovering our own stories. Choices with Intention. It is the journey to be true to ourselves and to dare to be all God and the Universe made us to be.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Liquid Love

I cannot tell you openly how much i love you.
You'll drown.

For my love is an ocean and you ..  are not a good swimmer yet. Which is why you come sailing in my waters safely detached in a boat .. and then go away again back to your shore. And though i understand your heart ... i miss you.

I cannot show you openly  how much i love you.
It will be a wave that crashes down on you .. and sweeps you away. So i stay silent .. loving you in secret.

Instead like rain...
I will sneak up on you from the oceans as a cloud .. and descend in measured droplets..
I will drench you, enveloping you in the fullness of my love ... for we both know rain isn't permanent ... and that makes you feel safe.

Then we will dance for a while.. in utter joy. And I will flow back to whence i came from... sated and complete.

For ours ..  is a Liquid Love. 
Like water, it changes shape and form .. but always remains in its true essence.. a love nonetheless.

i am an ocean of love..and like an ocean, i am here to stay ... always changing, always the same ..
take strength from knowing ...  i know you love me too ~

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