About Living from the Heart ~

We live by stories passed on for generations about who we are
and where we should be going. But these stories don't always let us live our best lives, because they aren't our personal legends.

Living from the Heart is about discovering our own stories. Choices with Intention. It is the journey to be true to ourselves and to dare to be all God and the Universe made us to be.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Past Imperfect

“I want to move on, but I cannot forget. Why can’t I let go of the past?”

It’s easy living in a modern world where everything is so instant, where there’s a solution being chased down for every issue..where imperfections are highlighted to feed mass consumerism..it’s easy to forget...that all around us...is various stages of decay.

Take a good look around. Trees with some dead leaves and some new ones, side by side. Same tree. A grandma with wrinkled hands taking her grandkid for a walk. The young and the old, side by side. One is just starting out life, the other is almost ending it. Somewhere lies a dead bird, being taken apart by a host of ants. It probably flew a thousand miles in its lifetime. Elsewhere is a broken egg. That bird didn’t quite even make it into this world.

I can’t forget my past because...maybe I’m not meant to. Maybe like a tree, I’m a bit of the old and new, side by side. I’m a bit decay and a bit fresh life..all rolled into one. And that’s OKAY. It means like that tree and most of nature, i’m ALIVE. The advertising based on fears of imperfection perpetuated by an economic society intent on making a living through 5 million products I don’t actually need..is what i really need to forget. Because if i take a good look around me, in nature, are a million things that are hanging on to some form of the past.

And one fine day, just like you sometimes suddenly notice a tree that’s all fresh green leaves, you wake up and you’re not sad anymore..with no real clue as to what you were so depressed about. Or that struggle you’ve had for months..isn’t a struggle anymore. It all makes perfect sense in a flash of insight. And just like that, the past is gone..or more accurately, the past becomes irrelevant.

And that’s the real key..RELEVANCE. I think hanging onto the past consciously is a pursuit to find meaning. Somewhere inside me, I can let go of the actual events of the past..in fact, I have because it’s all over. What i really can’t let go of is the fact that i can’t understand the past..yet. The best way to move on from the past, is to accept it’s there..and to let go of trying to fathom it. Except..I feel like an idiot for not being able to solve the equation because i spent so many years in school being told i must know how to provide an answer.

NO. You don’t. This is LIFE. It’s not school and no one is grading you.. anymore. And if you feel you are being graded, then it’s time to either finally leave school..or take good walk outside in nature and realise you are part of a greater system than society.

We’re all a part of the natural world. And the last time i checked, nature has a lot of transitions going on.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Life is like...Eating Chocolates

"The road to a woman's heart is long, paved with shortcuts of chocolate" ~ Anon

It's amazing how some research says chocolates are bad for you and then other research says it's okay after all. It reminds me of Life..with 6 billion people, there are bound to be a variety of opinions. And it's really up to ME to decide..what works for me.

I think when I was 5..i didn't know one way or another and just enjoyed a chocolate when i got a chance to eat one. And there was the key..the adults never handed me a whole box. So maybe the problem isn't chocolates after all..but more that I seem to have access now as an adult to unlimited amounts of it as i please.

The odd thing is..i don't enjoy eating a whole box of chocolates alone. It never seems to taste as good as when i SHARE it around..and sometimes, even share that ONE chocolate around if each one is a different flavour. I love being in a conversation revolving around a box of chocolates.. everyone tends to become so passionate and so involved..and nobody's ever wrong or right. Everyone's just happy they got an exquisite bite.

Yes..the shortcut to my heart may be chocolates..but only when you're going to be around to share them with me. That's their REAL charm to me.. it's something we BOTH LoVE

Saturday, March 26, 2011


The OWL represents wisdom..
and symbolizes the acute vision, to see in others,
and in situations that most of us do not see
❤¸.•*""*•.¸❤ ❤¸.•*""*•.¸❤ ❤¸.•*""*•.¸❤ ❤¸.•*""*•.¸❤

In the east..the Owl is seen as a sign of bad luck or bad omens. Living in Asia, I have seen owls from young..beautiful white ones in the still of the night..but i never felt afraid..their beauty sang to my soul. What joy to discover that in another part of the world..it is a totem animal of wisdom.

In my life..i have been blessed by globalisation..by meeting people from all over the world and receiving the Gift of Acceptance. Where once as a child much of what i felt and 'saw' with the eyes of my heart did not 'fit in' with the culture or society around me, and caused me to be much of a misfit in a thousand painful ways..as an adult..and especially through my real and virtual travels..i have come to see that i merely saw what was 'normal' in far away places and to far way people. I had acute vision to see what was FAR BEYOND..and while for many years that seemed almost a curse..when i SEE something different now..i know i am merely seeing something from another time and place..and that's okay, even if i'm the only one who can see it.
I am now FREE to revel in just being.. ME.

Keep the Faith..and the fLame in your heart burning.
In time..and holding on to LOVE...
you find that Life...really IS on your side all along
❤¸.•*""*•.¸❤ ❤¸.•*""*•.¸❤ ❤¸.•*""*•.¸❤ ❤¸.•*""*•.¸❤

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Hug for Every Heart

"Love is always the answer to healing of any sort." - Louise L.Hay

I just wanted to hug everyone today.

In the wake of all the natural disasters in the past year, one after another..there is a fresh wave of pain around me. So many beautiful people i know have been in challenging times even before these natural tragedies..in other natural 'tragedies' like a mental health diagnosis, terminal illness and accidents..leading to financial loss, loss of self esteem, loss of family via divorce or death. Now, more people have 'joined in' the ranks of loss due to these physical disasters.

We are ALL facing some challenge, in one way or another. I don't judge a 5 year old who's heartbroken over a missing teddy bear to be in less pain than a 55 year old who's lost direction through the loss of a home or a spouse. Pain is pain. I think everyone deserves a hand to hold on to and a hug today.

Whether there's been an earthquake or not.. choosing to be Loving, Accepting and to channel Abundance to ourselves and to those around us has the power to bring about HEALING..and set us all FREE ~~~

Today..I just wanted to hug everyone ♥