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We live by stories passed on for generations about who we are
and where we should be going. But these stories don't always let us live our best lives, because they aren't our personal legends.

Living from the Heart is about discovering our own stories. Choices with Intention. It is the journey to be true to ourselves and to dare to be all God and the Universe made us to be.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Hug for Every Heart

"Love is always the answer to healing of any sort." - Louise L.Hay

I just wanted to hug everyone today.

In the wake of all the natural disasters in the past year, one after another..there is a fresh wave of pain around me. So many beautiful people i know have been in challenging times even before these natural tragedies..in other natural 'tragedies' like a mental health diagnosis, terminal illness and accidents..leading to financial loss, loss of self esteem, loss of family via divorce or death. Now, more people have 'joined in' the ranks of loss due to these physical disasters.

We are ALL facing some challenge, in one way or another. I don't judge a 5 year old who's heartbroken over a missing teddy bear to be in less pain than a 55 year old who's lost direction through the loss of a home or a spouse. Pain is pain. I think everyone deserves a hand to hold on to and a hug today.

Whether there's been an earthquake or not.. choosing to be Loving, Accepting and to channel Abundance to ourselves and to those around us has the power to bring about HEALING..and set us all FREE ~~~

Today..I just wanted to hug everyone ♥

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